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Buc-ee's supports our community by contributing where the need is critical and the effect is long term for our customers and employees.

Buc-ee's Car Wash

How It Works

The Rules

To apply for a contribution, you must represent an eligible 501(c)(3) organization based in a community where Buc-ee’s operates.

The Timing

Buc-ee’s reviews contribution requests during the first week of each quarter. If your request is approved, you will be notified by telephone during the second week of the quarter. This is the only time that contributions are reviewed and approved. The next review date is 4/4/2023.

The Procedure

Fax a copy of your latest 501(c)(3) annual report and a copy of your form 990 to Buc-ee’s at 979-230-2921.

Fill out and submit the form below.

Request a Contribution

  • Please list your organization’s officers and their phone numbers.
  • Please list your organization’s board of directors and their phone numbers.
  • Please tell us your organization’s purpose or Mission Statement.
  • What is your annual budget and operating expenses? Please list in detail.
  • Please tell us what geographical area you serve.
  • Select the date you need this donation.
  • To document non-profit status, please include your tax-exempt I.D. number.
  • How will your organization use this donation?
  • Most important of all, explain in detail how our contribution to you will help benefit the entire community.
  • Is this contribution for an eligible 501(c)(3) organization based in a community where Buc-ee’s operates?
  • Is the contribution needed AFTER the first week of the next quarter?
  • Does your organization sell the names of donors?